National Migrant Workers Coalition Launched!

The Coalition for Migrant Workers Rights - Canada (CMWRC) a new national advocacy coalition for migrant workers was launched today. The newly minted CMWRC has member organizations in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, PEI, and Quebec. As part of this special day, the CMWRC has launched MoVE, a campaign for Mobility, Voice and Equality for migrant workers from the Caregiver Program, Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program and Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

The struggles of migrant workers is more urgent today than ever before. Migrant workers’ rights have been gutted over the last 10 years by the Conservative government.  The current immigration regulations have created increasing levels of precarity and vulnerability resulting in an underclass of workers. And, migrant workers continue to suffer the abuses of unscrupulous Canadian employers, recruiters and immigration consultants.

The new Liberal government promises to be more compassionate, respectful of immigrant and refugee rights and Canadian diversity. The Liberals have stated “We need a new plan for our immigration system that is grounded in compassion and economic opportunity for all.”  Holding the new Liberal government to their values and promises, there may be new opportunities to win justice for migrant workers.

Our collective efforts for migrant workers must focus on labour rights and human rights of migrant workers – continuing efforts in advocating for more pathways to permanent residency through a robust immigration system, the same occupational health and safety rights and protections as Canadians in their workplaces/worksites, fair Canadian wages and social entitlements in-line with their contributions to Canadians programs such as Employment Insurance and CPP.

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