Top Party Ideas for Adult

The best way to raise the mood is parties. Rumor has it that there are people who don't like to party. Really, no one has ever seen them. This article is for those who are ready to party at least every day, but want to do it beautifully.

What to do if the budget is limited? A few cool balloons and garlands are sometimes enough for decorating. You can buy them literally everywhere.

Looking for ideas? Here's a list of the most popular themed party ideas, have fun at your leisure. And you won't have to bother with party decor - they're all as simple as possible.

We're sure everyone will find something on this list that works for them.

  • 80's style party. It's not that hard to organize, it's only been thirty years. No need to buy special costumes and there's no problem with the music, you can listen to the ageless Madonna all night long.
  • Mexican Fiesta. Tequila and fiery Mexican music.
  • Party Princess Contest. Let all the girls wear tiaras
  • Sweet ice cream party. Very convenient, no food needed. Ice cream, liqueurs, champagne, everybody loves it.
  • Black and White Party. Repeat the legendary Capote chip, have all guests dressed only in black and white with the obligatory masks
  • Flower Party. Flowers on the table, on the floor, on the walls, on dresses and on jacket lapels.
  • Pool Party. Floating table bar, ball games, swimsuit contest.
  • Alice in Wonderland. Have guests dress up as characters from this fairy tale. Or just set the table and host a tea party at the Hatter's. Don't forget the "Eat Me" cookies and the bottle labeled "Drink Me."
  • Science Party. Everyone dresses in white robes, there are posters with formulas on the walls, vodka is poured into flasks, drinking from test tubes, of course.
  • Cheese Party. Wine and a lot of different kinds of cheese. Tasting, discussing. Ask your guests to bring a piece of their favorite cheese each, it'll be a good discussion point. Want to know how to decorate a cheese plate in a cool way, check it out here.
  • Japanese Style Party. Guests are geishas and samurai, and you'll need lanterns and bamboo mats. If it works, organize a netaimori.
  • Candlelight party. Lots of candles, slow music, tall glasses of champagne. Don't forget to have a working fire extinguisher ready.
  • Italian party. It's all clear here. Pizza, spaghetti, good Italian wine and magical Italian music
  • Hawaiian Party. A good theme for kids and a great idea for adults. Bright shirts, flower necklaces, grass skirts for the extreme.
  • Moustache Party. All male guests with false mustaches and beards. Get your camera ready, it's going to be fun.
  • Jungle Party. Make the room into a jungle. Artificial vines and things like that.
  • Spy party. James Bond style dress code.
  • Red party. Drape the entire room in red material, guests dressed all in red, red tablecloths on the table. Red velvet, flowers and napkins. Spooky and romantic.
  • Moulin Rouge style party. Cancan and exquisite French-inspired furnishings.
  • Brazilian Carnival. If you use your imagination, you can go crazy.
  • Social gatherings or a party in the English style. There can be different scenarios, but with strict costumes and evening dresses.

And the main thing is a good mood. Only it is an obligatory attribute of a beautiful evening.

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