Canada still in the dark on the gender pay gap

According to the IMF, inequality between men and women is an important facet of income inequality, in both high-income and low-income countries. As in other part of the world, women in Canada persistently receive lower wages and annual earnings than men. Despite evidence of slow progress toward pay equity, Canada’s gender wage gap remains larger than the OECD average, and slightly wider than the gap in the US; women’s full-time median wages are just over 80% of those of men.

In a country like Canada, ending the chronic gender earnings gap calls for a comprehensive set of interconnected and reinforcing measures, including breaking down employment barriers, providing high-quality affordable childcare, expanding and enforcing pay equity laws, and broadening access to collective bargaining. But one simple first step governments can take is requiring employers to publicly disclose the gender pay gap. [Read more…]

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