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Elizabeth Kwan

KwanElizabeth croppedElizabeth is a Senior Researcher with the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC).  Her work at the CLC includes health policy, labour force, social policy, temporary and permanent immigration, equity and human rights.  Among the areas of her research are the Health Accord, public healthcare, long-term care, home care, pharmacare, mental health; international labour mobility via trade agreements, Temporary Foreign Worker and International Mobility Programs; equity and labour-related areas of Indigenous Peoples, racialized peoples, immigrants, women, seniors, persons living with disabilities, persons in low income and LGBT.


Emily Norgang

NorgangEmily croppedEmily is a Senior Researcher at the Canadian Labour Congress. She has been an activist and researcher for a number of socially progressive organizations ranging from labour and equity, to environmental justice and food sovereignty, to peace and conflict transformation. Her most recent research focuses on public policy, regulation, and corporate accountability domestically and abroad. Emily holds a B.A. in Political Science and Peace Studies from McMaster University and an M.A. in Political Economy from Carleton University. Follow @enorgang


Chris Roberts

wpcroberts cropped

Chris is National Director of Social and Economic Policy at the Canadian Labour Congress and is a member of Unifor. He is author of Pension Confidential (Lorimer, 2012) with Robert Drummond, and holds a PhD from York University in Toronto. Views expressed under his name are his alone, and may not be attributed to any other individual or organization. Chris can be reached at [email protected].



Toby Sanger

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I’m  the economist for the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), where I also produce the Economy at Work.  Before CUPE, I worked as chief economist for the Yukon Territory, principal economic policy advisor to the Ontario Minister of Finance, an environmental economist and as an economist for First Nations. I’m also a research associate and on the board of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and Canadians for Tax Fairness. Follow @toby_sanger

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