10% Approval Rate from Citizenship and Immigration for New Caregiver Program Applications

The new Caregiver Program, effective November 30, 2014, was touted as a better and more efficient program for Caregivers and for Canadian employers. But since the launch of the Caregiver Program, only one in ten applications have been approved. Lower-skilled Caregivers applications accounted for the most of these rejections.

The Caregiver Program allows a Canadian or permanent resident to employ a migrant worker to take care of children and other family members who need care. An employer needs to apply and receive a positive or approved labour market impact assessment (LMIA) from the government before they can hire migrant workers under the Caregiver Program.

Last year, the Government replaced the Live-in Caregiver Program for lower-skilled workers with the new Caregiver Program with a mix of lower-skilled and higher-skilled streams within two categories:

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